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For every purchase of a Kalstein product, you will be making a contribution to a foundation that fights cancer.

Biosafety cabins

The biosafety cabins protect the operator and the environment from any exposure and biological risks, it is for this reason that we offer different types according to their application.


In Kalstein we offer you several types of microscopes that meet the highest demands, whatever the application of your work.


We have designed autoclaves that efficiently meet strict safety and sterilization requirements.


High-end refrigerators guarantee excellent storage for your experiments and procedures.

Water purification

It includes an internal pressure reducer, a reverse osmosis module, a demineralization package and a polishing package.

Paraffin dispenser

It has five hot areas, which include the paraffin chamber, the paraffin dispenser and the left and right thermal storage compartments.


These vertical type incubators have an audio and visual alarm, which makes it an excellent safety feature for any laboratory.


Benefits and support.

In Kalstein United States, we take care of the full satisfaction of our clients, that is why we provide value-added services of the highest level based on our experience.

Technical service

We provide value-added services that will allow you to make the most of your products.


We provide expert advice with recommendations based on experience.


We take care of the entire dispatch procedure by land and air.


We offer the necessary support for any problem that the equipment may have during the warranty period against manufacturing failures.


Our specialized staff can handle the entire installation process in your establishment.

Dissemination of information

You can use our media to share your experiments, work and results.


With each purchase of a Kalstein product you will be contributing your grain of sand to foundations that fight against breast cancer.

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Experts and collaborators are always available to answer questions and support you in any situation.

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Stay informed, with the latest news, recommendations, tips and activities of the scientific sector.

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